Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
York University

Jeni Pathman completed her undergraduate work at McMaster University.  She received her Ph.D. from the Psychology Department at Emory University in 2011.  She then completed postdoctoral training at the Center for Mind and Brain at the University of California, Davis.  She was an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, before moving to York in 2017.  Her research interests are in cognitive development and developmental cognitive neuroscience.  Dr. Pathman studies the development of declarative memory.  She is especially interested in learning about the development of contextual memory (e.g., memory for time and space), semantic memory, and the development of the processes and neural substrates involved in episodic and autobiographical memory.

Dr. Pathman is accepting applications for graduate students this year. Please email Dr. Pathman to express interest.  For more information on applying to the graduate program please see

Dr. Pathman is accepting applications for undergraduate student research assistants.  Please email this application (York MDLaB RA Application) to Dr. Pathman.  

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